Hey guys,

Happy news today – the outlines and key scenes for ‘City Streets – Part Three’ are complete! Collective cheer and celebration – wahoooo!!! I’m so thrilled that my mind has allowed me to get all of this down on paper, I feel that I’m finally getting somewhere.

Anyone who knows me personally will understand how frustrated and down I can get when I cannot write anything substantial. Since I have been trying to focus on writing new projects and trying to put out something fresh, I feel like I’ve been stalling at the lights when trying to get started.

With ‘City Streets’, it always feels easier to come back to. Plus, like I said in yesterday’s post – it will be something that I will always hold very close to my heart. I’m just stunned at how many ideas I actually had for Part three! I didn’t realise just how much I’d been thinking about the last novel until I got it down on paper.



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