Hey Guys!
Long time, no speak! I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend so far. Just a quick update to let you all know that ‘City Streets – Part Three’ is in development!

I’m currently writing scene 24 as I write this mini post – I must admit, I admire writers who can write chronologically! I try, but certain scenes tend to call out for me to write them first and foremost!

This isn’t a post to state when the third instalment is due for release – as it is the final part, I want to be one hundred percent sure that everything is perfect and something that you all will feel happy with.

As much as I say that this is the final part in the ‘City Streets’ series, these characters will always be very dear to my heart. Who knows, perhaps a few years down the line I may feel the need to write a follow up novel to what Isabella is doing! Never say never.

Before Part Three is released online, I will be re-uploading Parts one and two in order to (hopefully) sell on Amazon as well as Blurb. Coming back to these projects with fresh(er) eyes, I have a few changes that I would like to make. To the lovely people who have already purchased parts one and two, these changes are extremely minor and will not change the course of the story whatsoever. I may add a few things, but the novel won’t differ to drastically to the first print/edition, if you will.

Enough rambling! Enjoy your saturday guys! More updates soon.


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