Outlines for

‘City Streets – Part Three’





Happy Sunday All! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend. 

As you guys know, I’ve been getting back to ‘City Streets’ this weekend – it was just what I needed. I truly feel that if I don’t continue this soon, I won’t be able to progress with new novels. It sounds stupid to say, but I feel that I won’t be able to continue with new projects as well because I will be carrying too many ideas around for ‘City Streets – Part Three’ with me.

This series is something that is very dear to my heart and has been a part of my life for over five years now. As many times as I have started new projects and have come up with exciting ideas, I seem to return to this. I just feel that in order to progress with upcoming novels, I want to get the last part of ‘City Streets’ finished.

I don’t want to rush this last novel, as it caps off an emotional journey for our lovely protagonist, Isabella Moreno. I can’t say that I will never return to her story again, because I have a feeling that I will. Yet that will be way down the line. I’m excited for you to see where this next novel takes her and I truly hope you enjoy it.

I’m thrilled that I’m almost done outlining these ideas, considering that I only started getting them on paper last night. For now, it is only rough, yet I have had these scenes in my mind for over a year now and I finally feel ready to reconnect with these characters. 

I’ve blurred the images above for obvious reasons – if any of you happen to read this blog and haven’t read the ‘City Streets’ series so far, this is for your benefit. To those of you who have, I don’t want to give any spoilers away! 


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