14. ‘Trophies’

Happy Saturday everyone! Today’s track is ‘The Puzzle Element’ by Nathan McCree, taken from ‘The Tomb Raider Suite’ album. You can listen to it HERE and visit the website HERE.

As accustomed to levers as one ever could be, I couldn’t lie in expressing my excitement as I faced the retinol scanner. Recognised, I’d gained entry to my very own museum. Ever since the unsuccessful raid from Bartoli’s men, I’d upped security yet again. I’d hoped with everything now being reinforced, even more alarmed and monitored, attempts would no longer be even attempted, let alone successful. Not that the last one was, but it saved an awkward phone call to someone in ‘waste disposal’.

I smiled as the room lit up as I stepped on the pressure plate upon entry. Minute lights safely illuminated precious treasures I’d collected over the years; each time I came in here I couldn’t help but walk around at a glacial pace and take in the priceless relics before me. The memories of obtaining them almost costing me my life had escaped me; somehow it all seemed worth it as I watched the Iris dance freely in its glass casing.

The sceptre in my hands was the next item to display. It was one of the most beautiful pieces I’d obtained to date: it’s carved Verde Indio handle was adorned with rubies which sat on gold cuffs, its orb dazzled with jewel after jewel, sparkling as I moved it slowly. I felt relief wash over me to know that it was back safely in my hands and out of harm’s way. Harm’s way being Ferguson.

I smiled as I gazed at the glinting diamonds that served as the equator around the orb. Ferguson’s face was a picture when I’d gotten into his office. All of his so-called henchmen had been quickly put to sleep. The smart cookie he was had locked himself in his office with no means of exit, other than if he fancied jumping out of a building and plummeting to his demise.

What with my rage building as I raced through his human barriers, I was ready to reclaim what was mine. For a man who’d hired mercenaries and gone to stupendous lengths to steal my Sceptre, his bravado had certainly worn off when he had no back up and faced me alone.

Bursting in and taking what was mine was very satisfying indeed. Also watching a grown man weep for his hoped existence was, too. That was a trophy in itself – it was a shame I couldn’t hang that image up.


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