15. ‘Sharp Teeth’

We’re officially half way through the month, which means we’re half way through #Tombvember! I hope you’re enjoying it so far. Today’s track is ‘Secrets and Wonders’ by Peter Connelly & Martin Iveson, taken from ‘The Dark Angel Symphony’. You can listen to the track HERE and visit the online store HERE.

In my line of work, you had to keep your wits about you. One had to be alert and focused at all times, which was not easy – especially when exhaustion hit. Treading carefully was a must; although I’d admit there had been many a situation where I hadn’t done that and learnt the hard way.

A misstep could trigger a deadly trap that wanted you to fall victim to it, the tomb walls had ears and eyes and seemed to know when you weren’t being so cautious. It wasn’t just the sharks that I’d encountered that had sharp teeth, it was blades too.

I’d jumped from many, dodged from ones that were held by thugs and henchmen who were trying to stop me from getting to their bosses. Knowing that I could get gutted with a serrated combat knife if I were to be spotted was never a pleasant thought.

I’d be lying if I’d said that I’d never felt the gurgle in my stomach after being presented with a glinting blade, however my face would never show it. I wouldn’t allow any of them the satisfaction of knowing that it bothered me that I was, once again, being threatened with my life. I usually called that an ‘off-day’. After a few moments of letting them try to unnerve me with pathetic attempt at bravado, they were quickly victims of their own weaponry.

Saw traps on the other hand held far less conversation. There was no pleading, no reversible threat if I’d defended myself well enough where I brandished their weapon in the end – it was either success or failure. I’d seen them spring from the walls, roll side to side in chambers to try and stop me from collecting an item. I’d come out with many cuts and scrapes over the years, but thankfully I had always escaped with my life.


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