City Streets Summer Feature


Hey Guys!

I know I am absolutely RUBBISH about these posts at the minute, but I HAD to post this! If you are already signed up to Blurb’s newsletters, you may have already have seen this – to those of you who are not, ‘City Streets – Part One’ has been featured as part of their Summer Reads picks!

I had no idea that this was going to happen, so imagine my excitement when I checked my e-mails earlier today! I am truly so honored to be picked for their ‘Books We’ve Fallen For’ Summer Reads. To be featured in the newsletter and on the blog is such exciting news!

They have always been so supportive of the ‘City Streets’ series so far over the years, even making Part One a Staff Pick (Which I still cannot get over to this day), to have this happen has literally put me on cloud nine today!

We live in a world where people are always so quick to complain, always so quick to point out the bad in anything. Rarely do people take a second to stop and say thank you. I just wanted to show my gratitude and thanks for their support over the years.

I encourage you guys to check out their website and for any of you who have purchased a copy of ‘City Streets’, you can clearly see the quality and care that goes into each publication from start to finish.

Make sure to check out and @BlurbBooks on Twitter for more information about updates and all of their fantastic new features. 

I just want to thank Blurb once again for helping me make all of this a reality.

Have a fantastic week!


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