27. ‘Thoughts On The Undead’

Today’s track is ‘The Exploratory Vibes 1’ by Peter Connelly, taken from the ‘Tomb Raider Chronicles’ soundtrack. You can listen to the song HERE and visit the site HERE.

I smirked as I read through an article in the paper as I sat on my bedroom balcony, relaxing in the rare moments of sunshine the country decided to offer.

Ghosts – is there any truth to their existence? Or is it all just camera tricks? Walter Gutherie investigates…

My eyes scanned for a contact for Mr. Gutherie. I could wholeheartedly confirm that they were all too real in my experience. Even at the tender age of sixteen I’d seen spirits and demons; I shuddered as I recalled Verdilet.

I understood the naysayers – without experiencing it first hand, how could one possibly explain that a myth could come to life in front of their very eyes? Fighting mummies and armour wielding skeletons, I could certainly argue with sceptics. However, I couldn’t say they’d believe me.

Trying to exorcise demons and ghosts required thinking outside of the box – and then some. Although pumping them full of lead seemed to be the best and only option, it rarely, if ever, worked. And in my line of work, some of these tinkers were guarding the exact things I was looking for.

I grabbed the cordless telephone from my bedside table and dialled the number I’d found in the paper. I guess I couldn’t help myself. And I did love being right.


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