20. ‘In The Backpack

Today’s track is the ‘Tomb Raider II’ theme by Nathan McCree, taken from ‘The Tomb Raider Suite’ album. You can listen to the track HERE and visit the site HERE.

I had to rest. I was making silly mistakes. I was hungry, my mood was plummeting and the wounds on my knees were stinging more and more.

I clambered my way up into a little alcove out of harm’s way, feeling as weighty as lead as I let out an almighty sigh. Shuffling myself back to rest on the wall, I took a tiny moment to close my eyes as I listened to the faint trickling of water that I’d yet to see. My knees pulsed as I rested, serving as a reminder that this was far from a holiday.

Upon further inspection, my grazes and scrapes were rather nasty. Blood had trickled and dried down my legs; I’d become accustomed to just getting on with it, but the pain I’d felt couldn’t be ignored any longer. My fatigue had caused my sloppiness, which in turn made me face the consequences.

I shrugged my backpack from my shoulders, rummaging to find the medipack that would help soothe my lesions. The glowstick I’d snapped some time ago dimly lit the contents; I smiled as I pulled out a snack I didn’t know I had, feeling it widen as there was a note taped to the protein bar.

Ms. Croft, please keep your strength up and get home safely.

With love, Winston.

I shook my head as he’d never changed. Each time I was due to travel, he would ensure that my belongings were present and correct. No matter where I would be in the world, my backpack would always have Winston’s care littered through it. My medipacks were always filled to the brim with things I may need. He’d continued to go to the liberty of packing a couple of bars and even an energy drink for me.

He never had to do any of that for me, however he insisted. This tatty old backpack had truly seen better days, but I couldn’t seem to part with it. How it had managed to withstand all weathers, far more items than it should have been able to carry and thefts was surprising even to me. It was a relic in itself. No matter how many times I would upgrade my weapons and kit, this backpack would continue to be used until it was threadbare and carry no more.

As I enjoyed every single morsel of the chocolatey bar, I opened the kit to find some alcohol wipes and a couple of plasters.

Please be a little more careful next time and do get home in one piece. W.

He just couldn’t help himself, could he?


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