19. ‘Explanation Is Needed’

‘The T-Rex’ is today’s track by Nathan McCree, reading below you’ll soon know why! You can listen to the track HERE and visit the site HERE.

There wasn’t much that had surprised me in my line of work over the years, however standing at the foot of a Tyrannosaurus Rex that I’d just filled with lead had to be one of them. It also raised an eyebrow when Velociraptors darted at me baying for my blood, before I’d entered this somewhat arena. To be quite frank, it had taken me a few moments after to realise what I was dealing with. All of it had felt illusory; how else could I even begin to fathom that these dinosaurs had been able to survive millions of years later?

Questions ricocheted inside the walls of my skull; attempting to come up with any plausible answers, even for myself, seemed incredibly fictitious – and this was coming from a person who had just slain the last ones in existence. God, I hoped there weren’t any more.

Perhaps killing them hadn’t been the best thing to do in hindsight. Yet keeping still had slipped my mind, even after the stories of a T-Rex’s vision not being so great. I’d never been one to ask questions first – shoot first and ask later. I guess some things never changed.

 As they were still here in their demise and hadn’t faded away like some very odd vision, I had to believe that this had indeed just occurred. I was nowhere near fatigued enough to have simply crafted this from imagination or hallucination, nor had I been bitten by a venomous snake who had caused me to see things only a wordsmith could pen.

This happened.

The tips of my pistols were still hot to the touch on my thighs – I’d fired them. I kept my hands on my holsters as I tip-toed around the carcass of the biggest enemy I’d ever encountered.

In all of the things Winston would line my backpack with, I would have given the world for him to have packed a camera right about now. I felt a stab in the realisation that I’d quickly brought down any form of celebration about their survival. Some archaeologist, I was. Justifying it wasn’t going to make things better, but if it was them or me, no matter what it was, I would choose me every single time. I shuddered as I recalled the drool hanging from its blade-like teeth; I’d never fancied myself as a prehistoric snack, but they certainly had. In those moments, it was a no brainer.


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