18. ‘Surprisingly Functional’

‘The Spear of Destiny’ is today’s theme. Taken from ‘The Dark Angel Symphony’ album, it’s another masterpiece by Peter Connelly. I really think that this track encapsulates both the panic and the relief that Lara feels in this scene. You can listen to the song HERE and visit the site and store HERE.

Finally, I’d found the shore. I never thought it would come. Willpower to stay alive was the only thing that kept me buoyant and swimming. The current was strong, but I had no choice to keep pushing to get myself to safety.

I clawed my way through the sand, screaming with exhaustion as I tried to make it further inland as the rain thrashed my face. This deserted gloomy spit of beach was the only land I’d seen in hours. I was hungry, tired and with my exhaustion brought emotion.

I managed to get myself as close to the rock walls as I could; my weeping became almost animalistic as I tried to slow my breathing with minimal success. I loathed showing any emotion, but as no one was around and I could have quite easily died in that water. I allowed myself this moment to sob. My cries were tinged with gratitude, panic and relief. The guttural sting in my chest was evidence that I didn’t do this very often; even without a soul in sight and every reason to be emotional, I still felt overcome with embarrassment.

Sitting on the sand, I shivered uncontrollably. Going through my sodden backpack wasn’t a joyful sight; my notes were now ruined. I frowned as I noticed a slither of silver; an aluminium blanket. I was always dubious about these, yet with Winston insisting I tried one and with the cold seeping to my bones, I gave in.

Within a few moments, I felt calmer. My heart rate began to reduce as the panic that pulsed through me began to diminish. Thankfully I was also starting to warm up. I rummaged through my backpack once more, digging out my flare gun and without a moment’s hesitation, I fired it.

As much as I hated admitting defeat, I had no other option other than to ask for help. Whether my SOS would be seen was just another question I didn’t have an answer to. I had to push my ego to one side; I had no means of starting again. My boat sank, my research was gone, I had no climbing gear or the reserved energy to try and scale this rock face either. I’d escaped death once today; I didn’t want to push my luck any further.

I stared at the choppy seas before me; the waves taunted me as I waited in hope. I potentially had a long time to wait for rescue and a tide that wasn’t going to pause for anyone. My mind whirred at the next steps, I needed to strategize – what was I going to do as the water crept closer?

‘Shut up!’ I screamed. I wanted to silence my inner thoughts, I needed to silence them. The shock was still at the surface. I needed a few moments of quiet.

‘Just a little more time…’ I whispered to the sands as the wind whipped its grains around me.

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