16. ‘Undisturbed’

Today’s track is a little shorter than a usual pick, but I think it really encompasses the wonder that Lara sees before her. ‘Reaching The Goal’ by Peter Connelly & Martin Iveson, taken from ‘The Dark Angel Symphony’ album. You can listen to the track HERE and visit the site and shop HERE.

I had to take off my backpack to shimmy through the gap for fear of getting stuck. I pushed it forward as I crawled through the glowing tunnel, trying to stay calm as I felt my excitement rise within me as I grew closer.

With a final push, my backpack was inside before I was, frowning as I heard what I could only describe as an audible shimmer ring soon after. I grunted as I pulled myself through and slipped my arms through the straps, steadying myself as I got to my feet. I knew there was no one else in here, but it was force of habit to not let it out of my sight. It had been taken far too many times before.

My mouth fell open; the sight before me was something I’d only seen in films or in story books that Winston had read to me as a child. Gold bullion filled the room, ornate chests were bursting free with jewels of sapphires and rubies only ancient rulers could have obtained.

The room was untouched; many had fallen before getting here and I could see the small golden skull sat on its plinth towards the back of the room. Since I could remember, I’d always thought it was a work of fiction, never did I ever think that I would be stood in a room like this. It didn’t feel real.

I stepped forwards cautiously, not knowing where to look first. My eyes glinted as strewn gold goblets and chalices littered the floor as if they were screwed up paper. For thousands of years, many had tried and failed to get into this chamber. The traps I’d faced and successfully gone through to get here were not easy; I simply couldn’t believe that the myths of it were real.

As I walked and revelled in its beauty, coins slid from their mountains and they hugged the pillars throughout the room, hearing them hit the ground with an echo. I couldn’t help but wish I had a bigger backpack with me or a skip to fill and take it home.

It was rare that I carried one, but I fished out the disposable camera out of my backpack. I knew I couldn’t even attempt to come here and not bring one. I felt if I were to get home safely and tell Winston all about this ordeal, he’d never truly believe my descriptions of this place. Obviously, I’d have to take a few pieces home with me but that was surely the fruits of my labour, no?


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