12. ‘Collapse’

‘Time To Run’ is today’s apt track by Nathan McCree, taken from ‘The Tomb Raider Suite’. You can listen to the track HERE and visit the site HERE.

The only way out was through – the problem was, the tomb was collapsing around me and my exit was due to be a goner. So was I, if I wasn’t careful enough.

With the amulet safe in my closed fist, I ran, trying my hardest to dodge out of the way of falling debris. Said debris being incredibly heavy sheets of rock. With a habit for taking things that were not necessarily mine to begin with, caves that began to crumble as soon as I picked up a relic should have been second nature to me. After all these years, I couldn’t say it was a part of the job that I could ever get used to.

As admittedly tempting as it was to stop and enable processed thinking, my adrenaline raced through me, willing me to move that little bit faster and scramble to safety. Perhaps this had been a trap in itself. Whoever removed the amulet had the final task to also try and escape with their lives.

I managed to get out of the main chamber, startled as the entry had been abruptly shut by a boulder plummeting to the floor. I grasped my other hand around my already closed fist as I raced towards the inviting glow of outside. Panting, I kept going with the dust from the stones that broke around me fresh in my lungs.

My feet halted the rest of me moving forward as the steps to the exit gave way; panic set in as the gap was getting larger. I had no other choice, I had to run for it. I slid the amulet into my pocket and prayed that it would survive my landing.

I yelped as I leapt over to the ledge, pulling myself up with gritted teeth as a sheet of rock fell from the cave’s ceiling and struck the back of my calf. I couldn’t stop, I had to push through the pain. If I gave up, I’d just be another lump of rubble at the bottom of the chasm.

Somehow, I’d managed to yank myself to freedom and safety, hobbling as fast as I could out of the entrance as dust clouded me. I heard bangs as I lay in the sun on the desert floor, wincing in pain as I watched the wonder crumble into ruins before my very eyes.

That was too close of a call.


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