7. ‘Tip Toe’

‘Venice’ by Nathan McCree is the track of the day. You can listen to it HERE and visit the Tomb Raider Suite site HERE.

I’d not long had my afternoon swim; The blazing torches next to the pool that stood under the darkness from outside, really created an atmosphere for me. Even at home I would get restless and miss the ambience of a lamp lit wonder.

Padding across the now disused gym, I smiled to myself as I heard Winston humming along to some classical music. As much as I revelled in solitude, I did thoroughly enjoy his continued company after all these years.

I quickly zipped upstairs and into the shower to wash the chlorine off of me, feeling the hunger set in as got redressed, quickly thinking about the Roast Lamb that Winston would be offering this evening. As much as I adored enjoying many different delicacies from around the globe, nothing could beat the ‘Winter Warmer’ – a name I’d given the hearty meal as a child, which had still stuck around, just as much as he had.

As I crossed the landing with a smile, my thoughts began to race. On early evenings such as this, Winston and I were fond of playing a board game or two whilst the lamb would slowly cook away. He could be rather competitive when he wanted to be. I selected a couple from the library and tucked them under my arm, hearing the pieces rattle as I somewhat leapt down the wide stairs to the ground floor.

The music had gotten louder and the crescendo of the strings began to build- this was my opportunity. Although the vast spaces were being filled with symphonic melodies, being in the Manor barefoot really had its perks – even though the tiles underfoot were cold to the touch in these winter months especially, succumbing to my playful side always brought a chuckle, especially when I could creep around undetected.

I gently set down the boxes underneath the grandfather clock in the hallway, quickly hugging and tracing the wall towards the kitchen, tiptoeing around to not alert Winston in any way. I smirked as I heard the freezer door’s incomparable squeak. He was going to fetch the leg of lamb for our feast.

It was time.

‘Ms. Croft, not again!’ I heard him cry from behind the heavy white door.

I held my hand on the switch for the freezer door; I used it to help prop me up more than anything else. Unfortunately for Winston, even though I’d matured in both age and experience, this moment of mischievousness still was threaded through me ever since I was a child. You would have thought he would have gotten used to it by now and taken a coat in with him each time he needed to fetch an item.

‘Ms. Croft, do let me out. It is a rather tiresome game to play whilst I’m trying to prepare a meal, you know.’

I laughed again as he didn’t sound impressed in the slightest, wiping a tear that had escaped me. I slapped the switch and he was free for another day, giving me rather an unimpressed glare when he came back into the warmth.

‘You know your games can be tedious at times, don’t you?’ he said, holding the leg of raw meat that appeared to be the full length of his person.

‘I apologise,’ I nodded, poorly stifling another laugh.

‘Yes indeed. Only until next time, I suspect.’


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