I woke up this morning, rolled up my blind and an idea for a story instantly hit me in the face. I have been thinking about it ALL DAY. I quickly noted down some ideas first thing over a cuppa (obvs) on my phone, and spent my entire lunch break working on the plot.

The fact that I have managed to figure this out in five hours is beyond me. In all the years I have been writing, never has an idea fall so easily into my lap before. I’ve typically had solid ideas I can work on and then draw a blank. Usually I know the end of the book first, have a think about the beginning and note down some scene ideas.

Not today. I’ve managed to sit and go through from start to finish, this entire story. Obviously, I know I’ll hit some road blocks on the way, it’s pretty much part of the process and the excitement, yet I feel that I could actually sit down and begin this novel at the start. Which is something I have never done before in my life!

I’m so, so excited to see where this takes me. A little while ago, I did mention after going to Amie’s workshop that I’d managed to get some work done on the beachside novel. Even before this idea came up, that story has crossed my mind, yet there’s something holding me back from continuing.

I haven’t felt that rush with that piece of work as I have with this idea. There are too many parts to the beachside novel that are blank to me, there are too many parts that are still to be found. I feel as though that character still doesn’t want me to find her just yet. I know it sounds somewhat insane to think that these characters reside deep within the matter of my skull, but they’ve got to be in there somewhere.

At the moment, there are two in the forefront of my brain; and I think, in the end, they’re going to get along just fine.

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