This weekend was one that was much needed and long overdue, that’s for sure. My wonderful friend had booked us a night away in Bournemouth for a gal’s trip and my goodness, do I feel better for it.

I’ve had a lot on my mind recently, admittedly the vast majority of these thoughts aren’t concerning by any means, yet they have felt rather overwhelming.  With a two-and-a-half hour car journey ahead of us early yesterday morning, we soon had the mother of all chats and even after only ten minutes with my girl, I’d felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

Whilst we sat sipping tea and sharing a slice of Banoffee cake, looking at the view above later that afternoon, I finally felt inspired. For a while, even before stepping a foot back in Bournemouth, I’d had an idea of what I could write next. Yet just from looking at that view, it had given me the nod to go with my instincts and hold the want to push forward with these minor plot points.

I was grateful to Gabs in that she had welcomed the role of a beta reader many moons ago; therefore I felt comfortable enough to talk to her about this fresh idea that circled in the cave above my eyebrows.

Writing is something that I adore, yet I’ll admit that I do struggle to speak about a lot of the time; it’s the one thing that I can get quite shy about. Anyone who knows me can agree that ‘shy’ is not an adjective that one would usually use when describing me to another.

Sitting on the outside deck of that beachfront restaurant, I simply let the ideas pour from me, all in wonder of what her thoughts were on said ideas. Obviously, these are extremely rough and by no means have I tied ‘Back To Reality’ with a pretty red bow, yet I have been growing concerned recently with the fact that I’ve felt as though the ideas were never going to come.

It felt wonderful to feel so relaxed and feel the itch to create a new world surface, all in the best company.

So, as I sit here with a (yet another) cuppa, I feel content with letting out all of the worries that I had on my mind and letting the laughter in. It’s good to talk and I beg you, if you are struggling, please talk to someone.

Have a smashing week ahead.


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