2019 – Let’s ‘av ya.

                Hello again, you lovely lot. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful festive period! It’s the second day into January 2019 and I’ve got a cold; I’ve managed to dodge it like a scene from The Matrix thus far, but it has arrived. Yet this post isn’t just about the sniffles, it’s another one about my writing process.

                As we’re kicking off the New Year and everyone has their 2019 goals at the forefront of their minds, I’m certainly adding to the majority. I’ve decided, mood permitting, that I’m going to dedicate a few more posts to writing about writing, specifically the journey I’m taking myself on this year all in the hope of starting the publishing process.

                I’m aware of just how out of my depth I truly am; I’ve just started reading a ‘Teach Yourself’ book, A Guide To Getting Yourself Published. Hopefully, it’ll work.

                As stated in another post from a few months ago, I know it’s by no means going to be plain sailing, I simply hope I can keep my chin up and push through whatever stands in my way – which will mostly be my own negative thoughts.

                I’ve just finished another draft, my third one to be precise, and I’m thinking of yet another thing to add and certain words to revise. I already know I’ve overused the words ‘was, feelings and thoughts’, so a cull on those would be a good start.

                The question I googled this morning was ‘how do I know when to stop editing my novel?’. Yes, I googled it. It’s got the answer for everything else on there, so I thought I’d give it a shot. The answered were varied; a common theme I’d found was like a line from a Rom-Com:-

                “When you know, you know.”

                Parts of me do feel that I am finished with my manuscript; of course, I honestly think you’d struggle to find a writer, accomplished or budding, who is one hundred percent happy with every single word they’ve written. However, I can’t help but feel as though if I added the idea I’m toying with now, it would elevate the story that much more.

                I’m simply kicking myself yet again as I wish I’d thought of that whilst doing this latest edit, rather than finishing it and then having an epiphany of a better revision.

                When I’m honest with myself, I know I’m scared of the next part of the process. The thought of sending my manuscript off to a potential agent fills me with fear. It’s not necessarily the rejection that scares me, it’s the thought of the complete unknown – hence why I’m reading this book.

                My new ideas I’d like to incorporate are ones that I feel would add value to my novel, yet I can’t help but think that it may be another way to procrastinate a little more. If I’m working on it that means that I still have full control of it all. If it hasn’t left my sent folder or my palms, its contents aren’t up for discussion.

                Recently, a good pal, Daryl Baxter, invited me onto his latest Podcast, where we had a wonderful chat about games and the topic of writing came up. I honestly felt it did me the world of good in terms of talking about my novel and my thoughts on my process. Thanks for that, DB.

                I’ve always felt that writing has been extremely personal. With the want to become a full-time writer, I need to learn to be open and confident in talking about my work and not shy away from conversations of my characters and the tales I have managed to weave.

                So, I guess that’s a new part of what I want to do on here. Whether one person or one hundred read this post or not, I write these in hope that they will help another budding author who may be facing the same things as I am right now.

                Reflecting on last year ever so slightly, I have accomplished what I’d wanted to for many years and gotten the story written; now it’s about the real fine-tuning and hoping to pop into Asda and see my name and title smiling at me whilst doing a big-shop.

                It’s been wonderful to reach out to friends such as Daryl and Bec, whom I’ve been lucky to interact with and we’ve managed to share our thoughts of when things with a pen and paper are going great and no so great. You’ve both been ace, as per – thanks again.

                We’re only on page two of three-sixty-five; whatever you all may have planned for this year, I truly hope you accomplish whatever you set out to do. It’s early, we’ve got this!

                Anyway, I’m off to blow me nose.


Daryl Baxter is a freelance writer, click the links below to check out his portfolio, listen to The Outpost Show or view his website for contact information and updates.

Podcast:- https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-outpost-show/id1133056888?mt=2

Site:- http://darylbaxter.com/


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