montana post


 Hey Everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend – unfortunately, it’s Monday tomorrow. (Cue the collective ‘Monday is approaching’ groan…)

The good news is that I have been heavily researching information about Montana, where my new novel ‘Home For The Holidays’ is going to be take place! I’ve started a lot of plans for this today and it’s something I’m very excited to write.

I have to admit, I really do enjoy researching into places that I haven’t had the chance to visit yet. The main story takes place in Missoula, Montana – so this evening I have been looking as towns, recreational parks and even Malls! Also, I’ve been finding routes on how long it would take characters to get from A to B. I just feel that these small points make the entire story that much more realistic and relatable. 

Today’s post is just very short and sweet, yet I’m trying to keep the site nice and updated for you guys and not leave it months on end until the next post – I have been good this weekend! 

Have a great night and I hope you all have a good Monday!


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