Happy Monday, Folks!

Just a quick update today – I’ve been working recently on some pieces that I’m thinking of putting together before ‘Back To Reality’ comes out. It’s non-fiction and will be a small book containing quirky yet inspirational pieces for you all to enjoy. There will be many topics covered including goals, wants, fears and many more – and I’m hoping we can share some laughs along the way, too!

I started some of the excerpts over a year ago, just quickly keying in some ideas on my old phone. I dug them out again the other day, forgetting that I’d written down a small structure of the entire book in an old notepad. Again, referring back to a post from the other day – DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY!

It’s something that is helping me combat my writer’s block with the new novel at the moment. I like to give myself a time frame to work towards, however with ‘Back To Reality’ being simply just one novel as opposed to a series, I want to commit to giving you all a fantastic story in a realistic time frame.

I’m still so appreciative that you all have enjoyed the ‘City Streets’ series so far, I’m just hoping you will all enjoy ‘Back To Reality’ just as much! I would like to have this new novel out by August/September, yet I don’t want to push through and write something quickly that you won’t enjoy. The last thing I want is for my work to feel rushed and sloppy, which is how I’m feeling at the moment with this annoying writer’s block.

With this new mini-venture, I’m not saying I’m this new incredible self-help guru, it’s simply something that I’ve found interesting to dabble in. Thankfully, the people who have read some of the new material seem to be enjoying it, which is fantastic! I’d like to thank all of you for the support and feedback I’ve received so far, I really do appreciate it.

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